Challenges Facing Residential Laundry Facility Owners

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There are several benefits to running a laundry room in a multi-family property, apartment complex, or campus building. Property owners save money on utility costs when compared to using in-unit washers and dryers. A laundry room can attract new residents and encourage current tenants to renew their leases. Plus, they’re great sources of passive income. However, the road to adding an on-site laundry facility isn’t without its obstacles. Here, we’ll explore some common challenges property owners face when opening laundry facilities and how they can overcome them.

Problem #1: Tenants aren’t using your laundry facility.
Picture this: You’ve just put in several months of work to convert a room on your property into a fully-operational laundry facility. Considerable time and financial investments have gone into the project to meet resident expectations. But, when you finally open the doors to your new laundry facility, it’s a ghost town. You expected tenants to come rushing in to take advantage of the on-site washers and dryers. Although this is a defeating experience, it’s only a matter of time before your laundry facility is overflowing with users.

The Solution: Generally, tenants prefer using on-site laundry facilities as opposed to visiting a laundromat every time they need clean clothes. It’s quicker, safer, and more convenient to have an on-site laundry room. However, residents might need some prompting to start using a newly installed laundry facility. Property owners should get the word out about this addition through email, posted signs, phone calls, or other means of communication to encourage their tenants to make use of the new amenities once they’re open.

Problem #2: It’s consuming too much of your time and money.
When you set out to build a laundry facility on your property, you anticipated it to run relatively automatically. Now, you find it draining more time and money than you have to dedicate to this area of your business. As a property owner, you already have a million things on your plate. You’re starting to wonder if opening up a laundry room for your residents was just a waste of your limited and valuable resources.

The Solution: Adding a laundry facility to your property isn’t as simple as making space, installing some machines, and calling it a day. This worthy endeavor requires an understanding of the fundamentals of running a laundromat. Property owners should view their laundry facilities as direct extensions of their overall business. Operating a successful, profitable, and automated laundry room requires careful planning, due diligence, trouble-shooting, and follow-through. When you start seeing it as a business venture instead of a side project, you’ll start seeing the return you want.

Problem #3: Your equipment is outdated and dysfunctional.
It’s common practice for property owners to opt for cheaper washers and dryers in an attempt to cut some costs for their laundry facilities. Unfortunately, this strategy causes more problems than it solves. That’s why so many on-site laundry rooms in apartment complexes and campus buildings don’t work well at all. Cheap equipment leads to greater repairs costs, angrier tenants, and more headaches for property owners. What’s seen as a shortcut is really just a long-term hassle.

The Solution: There’s a common misconception that premium-quality washers and dryers have to be expensive. In reality, it’s easier to invest in affordable and reliable commercial equipment than most project owners realize. The key is to find a reliable, experienced, and local provider that can equip your laundry facility with some of the best laundry equipment available at the right price for your needs.

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