How to generate more profit in your laundromat business

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Cleaning & Laundry Equipment clients are often asking us for tips on how to build a more efficient laundry business. We love to help clients like you with this, because we want to help your business to thrive. Here are some ideas to increasing your profitability:

Take advantage of our expertise
The Cleaning & Laundry Equipment staff is trained to help and advise you on how to improve the operation of your laundry facility. We’ve been in the laundry business for over 40 years, so we know how to help you choose the most efficient number and types of machines, while also maximizing your customer satisfaction.

Find ways to build a loyal customer base
Get creative and find ways to reward the customers that keep coming back. Adding a card system with a customer loyalty program, is a great option. This gives the customer some additional satisfaction because they received a small discount. However, you as the laundry business benefit greatly because you paved the path for them to become a regular loyal customer!

Replace old machines
If you have outdated machines, they’re probably not as energy efficient or reliable as newer machines. You’ll save on energy and water costs. And with less downtime (which means reduced loss in revenue).

Switch to Clean & Laundry
If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, and you’re not using Cleaning & Laundry Equipment, you’re not maximizing your profit! That’s because we’re local – which means we are more accessible and available to respond to your questions and concerns. Plus you get faster service, which means reduced loss in revenue (and headaches).

Here at Cleaning & Laundry Equipment, we can point you in the direction of financing, offer our extensive laundry business insight, or show you how to build a room that optimizes the equipment use for maximum efficiency.  Give us a call for more info today!