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Large Chassis OPL Washer

  • 30LBS
  • 40LBS
  • 60LBS

In-Stock Quantity

  • 60 Lb. 200g washer/extractors 5
  • 40 Lb. 200g washer/extractors 7
  • 30 Lb. 200g washer/extractors 4
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Speed Queen Cabinet Hardmount washer-extractors are a heavy-duty design with superior machine mechanics to form the industry’s most trusted hardmount washer-extractor.

  • Our heavy-duty construction provides reliable operation and guarantees your washer-extractor will be in service for years to come. That’s why our bearings are protected against moisture with dual triple-lip seals and a stainless sleeve around the trunnion. That’s why our large door design makes loading and unloading easy, while our improved door locking mechanism is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use.
  • Self cleaning four-compartment dispenser automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener at appropriate times in the wash cycle
  • Industry-leading flexible water level settings will help you save on utilities
  • Durable stainless steel front and top
  • Quantum control gives you complete laundry control to reduce costs and increase throughput

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