Slips, Trips, and Falls: Preventing Injuries to Safeguard Your Laundromat

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Slip and fall injuries can be a major concern for small businesses, including laundromats. Injury claims can come from customers, employees, or visitors, such as vendors, so it is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety. The National Floor Safety Institute says slips and falls account for over one million emergency room visits a year, with an average settlement of $35,000 for workplace injuries.

To help you avoid slips and falls at the laundromat, here are some tips:

  1. Promptly Address Liquids on Floors

Your laundromat floor can accumulate liquids from rainwater and snow tracked in, spilled drinks, or the occasional washing machine leak. To reduce the risk of injuries, make sure you clean up any liquid on the floor right away. Post signs requesting customers to report spills to address issues promptly, demonstrating your commitment to their safety and comfort.

  1. Don’t Forget About Floor Mats

Place floor mats near entrances, exits, and other slippery areas, like bathroom sinks. You’ll have a cleaner and risk-free laundromat with quality floor mats that absorb moisture from shoes.

  1. Implement Snow and Ice Removal Procedures

Ice and snow on parking lots and sidewalks can cause falls, both outside and inside your business if water or snow is tracked in. Especially during the cold and wet winter months, make sure all employees are trained on how to remove and manage snow and ice.

  1. Make the Upgrades and Investments

Consider making important investments to improve safety when needed. According to the National Safety Council, 20% to 30% of slips, trips, and falls in commercial settings occur in parking lots. You can help customers and employees see and avoid hazards by investing in enough lighting outside. You should also consider installing slip-resistant flooring, especially if you have a lot of liquid events. The cost of safer flooring can be significantly less than the expense of injury claims.

  1. Keep Insurance Updated

It’s impossible to prevent every slip and fall accident, so you need comprehensive business insurance. Be sure your policy covers general liability, umbrella liability, commercial property, and worker’s compensation so you’ll be protected if someone falls and gets injured. The U.S. Small Business Administration provides a useful resource here for reviewing these types of policies and determining what’s best for your laundromat.