Ways to Upgrade Your Shared Laundry Room for Better Returns

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As a property owner, you spend the majority of your time managing your properties, attending to your tenants, overseeing repairs, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. As a result, you might allow certain areas of your property to sit on the backburner that don’t appear as urgent at first. More often than not, shared laundry rooms are a commonly overlooked feature of shared buildings and dorm rooms. If it’s been a while since you’ve focused on your laundry facility, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your shared laundry room to generate better returns.

Invest in better equipment.
Is your building’s laundry room suffering from outdated equipment? It’s time to make a change! The most effective way to improve your laundry facility is to invest in some high-quality commercial washers and dryers. Otherwise, you will have to deal with headaches from unsatisfied tenants and constant repairs. Additionally, modern laundry equipment is highly energy efficient which means more money is saved on operational costs. Better equipment will also limit the downtime of your facility which means happier tenants. Investing in better laundry equipment is a guaranteed way to keep your tenants satisfied while lowering costs

Furnish the space with accommodating items.
Another way to improve your building’s laundry room is by making it cozier for your tenants. If you want residents to use the laundry room more, make it more comfortable by adding pieces of furniture to the room. For example, you can add some chairs where tenants can relax and wait for their laundry to finish. You can even add some shelves or tables where users can place their laundry baskets, detergent, and other belongings. If you really want to make the space inviting, hooking up a TV or offering free WiFi is a surefire way to make residents feel more comfortable.  Making the laundry room more accommodating makes your building stand out and will definitely help you attract more tenants because they will feel that you care about their comfort.

Diversify your payment options.
Newsflash! Tenants expect to be able to pay for their laundry with more than just quarters. You can make laundry day so much easier for your tenants by introducing alternative forms of payment. We recommend allowing your tenants to use other forms of payment such as mobile apps, credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and prepaid cards. Residents will enjoy the varied payment options, and you’ll have more than one way to accept payments. Plus, every other payment method is easier to manage than coins. Just make sure you work with a reputable provider that can help your laundry facility accommodate these diversified payment options.

Add more equipment as your property grows.
Nobody likes waiting in line to do laundry, especially at an on-site laundry facility. There’s an unspoken expectation among residents that they’ll be able to get their laundry done when they need to. As your property grows, you’ll have more residents competing for a limited number of washers and dryers. If tenants have to wait in line, you run the risk of pushing them to nearby laundromats. As a result, you’ll lose the additional revenue from the laundry facility and alienate your tenants. The fix is to increase the amount of equipment you have as your property business grows.

Hire a laundry facility manager
If you simply can’t find the time to commit to managing your laundry facility, you could always outsource the responsibility. Having a dedicated manager will offload the daily responsibilities of the shared laundry room while ensuring everything continues running smoothly. This way, your residents will benefit from a smoothly operating and welcoming laundry room, and you free up the time and energy needed to run other areas of your business. Just make sure you’re hiring a competent and experienced facility manager that can handle the job at hand and deliver the results you need.

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