Insights Gives You Payment Options In the Laundromat

dry cleaning owner cm

Mobile payment growth is expected to explode in the next few years, growing over 1000% over 2016 by the year 2020! And Speed Queen, our laundry equipment provider, has responded with Insights, their control system that’s fully integrated with their machines and accessible from anywhere. Besides taking mobile payments, Insights can track customer data, equipment diagnostics, and help you maximize profits. Here are some of the things that Insights gives you the ability to do:

Operate from a Centralized System: You can manage your laundry business and see what’s happening from wherever you are, all in one place through web access from your laptop or tablet. The Insights control application gives you the mobility to control your business from anywhere – you can even stop a machine mid-cycle if necessary!

Get Important Analytics: The Insights application connects you to what’s happening in all the machines – so you can see how often each customer visits, and how they pay and which machines they’re using! This allows you to take that data and provide a better experience for your customers – which will also help you increase revenue.

Give Customers a Better Experience: Not only can customers pay with their phone, they can easily check the status of their laundry load, and see the time remaining in their cycle – right from their smartphone! This allows them to run errands or get other tasks done while their laundry is turning, without worrying if they’ll be back in time – which means your laundromat is running much more efficiently.

Access Financials:  It’s easy to see and track your customer payments and processing fees, which affect your revenue and profits – on a daily basis! You can also issue customers refunds easily through their online wallet if something goes wrong with a machine.

See Maintenance Issues:  You’ll be able to spot when a machine might need servicing, with diagnostics that give you clues that you need repairs or even replacement.

Offer a Rewards Program: It’s so much easier with Insights to reward loyal customers and encourage repeat visits to your laundromat.

Make it Easy for Yourself: Insights is so easy to install, with little downtime, and it’s also designed to change as new updates and technologies become available, which can be applied easily to the application.

If you’re wanting to maximize your profits while improving the customer experience, contact Cleaning & Laundry to discuss the Insights control systems for your Speed Queen equipment. We’d love to answer your questions so you can see if it makes sense for your laundromat business goals!