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Stack Tumble Dryers

  • 30LBS
  • 45LBS

Speed Queen® stack tumble dryers provide double the capacity of our single-pocket tumble dryers while using less space.

Our tumble dryers are built with a single purpose: performance. They are specifically designed with fewer moving parts, so you’ll face fewer maintenance issues over their lifespan.

  • Axial Airflow provides the most concentrated and efficient drying possible to make dry times even faster, while saving you money
  • Patented oval cylinder perforations allow for small metal objects to pass through into the lint compartment preventing any internal damage to the dryer
  • Reversing cylinder now comes standard
  • Extra-large doors and heavy-duty hinges stand up to the repeated use of high-traffic vended laundries
  • The fine mesh lint screen is self-cleaning, depositing lint into a large storage area for easy, once-per-day removal
  • Inverter-driven motors

Quantum® Touch
Reimagine your laundry experience with the Speed Queen Quantum® Touch display. Clear, easy to use, easy to understand directions with profitable cycle modifiers enhance your customers’ experience and increase return on investment.

  • User-friendly screen with operating instructions built in as
    part of the control
  • 5 basic cycles (high, medium, low, delicate, no heat)
  • Easy-to-understand cycle modifier prompts will encourage your customers to customize their dry
  • Flexible pricing & additional revenue opportunities with customizable cycle modifiers, time-of-day pricing and lucky cycle options
  • 30+ languages available
  • On screen timer so your customers know exactly how much time their cycle will take
  • Flexible Payment Options – Coin, Card, Mobile, Cash

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