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Quantum Touch Extractor

  • 20LBS
  • 30LBS
  • 40LBS
  • 60LBS
  • 80LBS

Hardmount Washer-Extractor with huge wash capacity that’s perfect for your commercial accounts with large duplicate loads.

The Speed Queen Hardmount Washer-Extractor (SC020XXX) is the go-to replacement for top load and light use frontloading softmount in the modern laundromat. The increased water efficiencies, energy efficiencies, lower maintenance needs, and longer lives of this little powerhouses more then makes up the initial upfront investment.

Touch screen controls give your laundry users an easy and intuitive experience unmatched in the industry. Built into the Quantum Touch controls are the same cycles modifiers available on other Speed Queen Quantum products, but now taken to a new level. With more flexibility and visibility as to the offering, laundry patrons are more empowered to use modifiers.

These Washer-Extractors fits perfectly with coin installation, alternative payment options, or both. Speed Queen Insight, and it much loved mobile app for payments can be added with no external hardware additions and coin still in place. When networked store owners and access financial and error reporting anywhere in the world, they have internet access.

SpeedQueen Features

  • 18 total cycles
  • 2 cycle modifiers for increased profitability
  • Flexible pricing & additional revenue opportunities with customizable cycle modifiers, time-of-day pricing and lucky cycle options
  • On screen timer so your customers know exactly how much time their cycle will take
  • Flexible Payment Options – Coin, Card, Cash, App

Quantum® Touch
Reimagine your laundry experience with the Speed Queen Quantum® Touch display. Clear, easy to use, easy to understand directions with profitable cycle modifiers enhance your customers’ experience and increase return on investment.

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