Strategies for Attracting More People to Your Laundromat

business owner at a laundromat putting an open sign while wearing a facemask cm 1

Despite being labeled as an “essential service”, many public laundry facilities suffered a drop in demand during the height of nationwide lockdown measures. As the economy slowly reawakens, businesses are transitioning from survival mode to growth mode. Customer health concerns and the current economic slump are major hurdles that owners are facing as their laundry facilities kick back up into full swing. In order to help make this transition as smooth as possible, here are some strategies for attracting more people to your laundromat.

Put your health measures on display
Customers want to know that you’re taking extra precautions to ensure their safety. This includes implementing social distancing measures, sanitizing commonly-touched surfaces, cleaning regularly, and encouraging behavior among patrons that limits the spread of harmful germs. Putting notices of these health measures on display for everyone to see in your laundromat accomplishes two things. First and foremost, people will be more likely to adhere to these guidelines, which increases their effectiveness. Secondly, customers will feel safer knowing that you’re taking necessary safety precautions – making it more likely that they’ll use your laundromat.

Rethink your content  marketing strategies
Marketing, in all of its forms, is about maintain relevancy and staying connected with customers. While laundromats offer a straight-forward service, it’s still important to have your content marketing reflect the ever-changing concerns, curiosities, questions, and interests of your clients. Given the major impact of the recent outbreak and the following economic situation, people are hungry for topical and related content. Agile businesses can connect with more people and build lasting relationships by creating content that meets this new demand. For example, you could discuss cleaning strategies for fighting off viruses or tips for maintaining social distance in a laundromat. Engaging with customers with relevant content through your marketing strategy will help place your laundromat as a go-to source for pertinent information.

Create a sense of trust
It’s critical that business owners bear in mind that customers aren’t only looking at brands and businesses for the services they provide. Among other important insights, this crisis has highlighted the myriad expectations that customers have from businesses within their community. One survey found that 89% of people want to know that brands are helping, and 85% wish to see platforms being used to educate with the goal of keeping people safe. It’s clear that customers are hungry for businesses to take the lead. Laundry facilities that establish this sense of trust through open communication and helpful suggestions will inevitably attract more customers.

Establish your business as a leader
The silver lining that comes with every economic downturn is an opportunity for businesses to rise to the occasion. As economic pressures indiscriminately hit laundromats of any size, location, and age, all owners have a chance to come out of these challenging times even stronger than before. In the midst of this uncertainty, customers are looking for guidance from businesses, and other businesses are looking for successful strategies to emulate. This is a great opportunity to establish your business as a leader as things return to normal by setting high standards, exceeding customer expectations, and lighting the way for others in the industry.

Cater your services to meet the needs of clients
The post-lockdown economy will undoubtedly carry some level of hesitation as customers slowly but surely resume their normal spending habits. Businesses in every industry are finding ways to adapt to these changes by catering their services to meet the needs of clients. Many laundry facilities are realizing this strategy by increasing their capacity to fulfill wash and fold services. By eliminating the need for customers to even step inside your business, you’re catering to anyone who might still be wary about being out in public. Adjusting your services to line up with the wants of customers is a great way to attract more people to your laundromat.

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