Uncommon Ways To Optimize Your Laundry Operations

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Here at Cleaning & Laundry we are here to help clients like you to find what specific activities or parts in their laundry operations can be optimized. And, we generally find that one small factor can make a big effect on the system as a whole! We are close by and can help you spot things that you’re too close to see, and help you to think differently about everything! So give us a call if you’d like some personal advice at your location. In the meantime, here are some things to look at on your own, to help you ensure that everything in your operations is working together as an efficient system:

Match your drier with your washer.
You may have heard the phrase that ‘drying starts in the washer.’ This is because the amount of water left in the load after washing will determine what is the best kind of dryer to use. This is why matching your washer and dryers so that they work well together is so key! So if your washer has high water extraction, the less energy is needed in the dry cycle. Cleaning & Laundry can help you to determine what are the right equipment goes best together for your business, depending upon the types of loads that you or your customers are cleaning.

Use the right settings.
Similar to matching your washer and dryer, it also helps to make sure you have the right settings in your equipment. For example, with high water extraction washers, you can make sure the dryer has a default setting at a lower dry time. If your loads need more sanitation, then you’ll want to make sure that the wash settings default at a higher temperature. You can also look at reducing your water level settings, which could lead to cost savings and be kinder to the environment.

Take advantage of control systems.
With the new control systems available, you have many more options to track your equipment’s performance. Some give you the ability to program, monitor, and diagnose your equipment from with an internet connection online, no matter where you are! They can also give you warnings and error codes, which caution you on potential problems that may arise. This includes water leak or slow drain detection, which may tell you the machine needs some maintenance or repair – and can also help you with your utility expenses!

Look at whether outsourcing makes sense.
Some businesses have started outsourcing some or all of their laundry services. You could save costs on utilities, gain valuable real estate space, and also save staff resources from doing the work. But of course, there is a cost and mark-up on all that when you outsource, and why you should consider all the factors. You may, for example, want to outsource laundry delivery services only and keep the rest in-house. It just depends upon what your business priorities and profit-centers are.

View laundry operations as an integrated system.
Everything in your laundry operations can work together to get you better results, not just the washer and dryer. Look at things like capacity of loads needed, the speed of the completion desired, the energy efficiency you want. And then look at how your staff, laundry room layout, and equipment are in tandem together, helping you achieve those goals, and how you might change or use them better to do so. All of these things can work together to optimize your efficiency, productivity, costs, and your bottom line.

If you need help improving your laundry operations, call us! We’ve been serving the commercial laundry industry for over 40 years. As always, our representatives at Cleaning & Laundry are close by and able to meet to discuss control systems, equipment, and customer concerns. Give us a call today!