Why Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment is Essential for Laundry Facility Owners

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Energy efficiency is quickly becoming a major consideration for all businesses. The potential benefits of improved energy efficiency are especially enticing for laundromats owners due to the amount of energy required to operate these facilities. Although the cost of this advanced equipment often causes laundromat owners to think twice, investing in energy-efficient washers and dryers is actually one of the most financially sound investments they can make, especially as utility costs rise.

What is energy-efficient laundry equipment?
Energy-efficient laundry equipment refers to washing and drying machines designed to use less energy and water while still providing a deep clean. There are different technologies and strategies used to improve the energy efficiency of laundry equipment including higher spin speeds during final extraction, larger washing bins to encourage fewer loads, and so much more.

The advantages of energy-efficient laundry equipment.
It’s one thing to understand the benefits of energy-efficient washers and dryers on paper. It’s another to see how this equipment can improve your laundry facility overall. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of installing this advanced equipment in your laundromat.

You’ll save money on utility costs.
Utility costs are one of the largest expenses for laundry facility owners. As a result, energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment can help laundromats save significantly by requiring less water and energy to operate. This equipment is designed to consume as few resources as possible while still getting the job done. According to Alliance for Water Equipment, energy-efficient washers reduce water use by more than 50%. In addition, Energy Star reported that energy-efficient dryers use around 20% less energy when compared to standard units. Those are considerable savings!

Increased efficiency will improve profit margins.
Laundromat owners are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line. In simple terms, there are only two ways of achieving this goal: reducing operational costs and increasing prices. Since higher prices can scare away customers, it’s always better to find cheaper ways of operating if possible. Energy-efficient laundry equipment directly helps laundromat owners improve their profit margins by significantly cutting down on their energy expenses. With money saved from reduced utility bills and increased profitability, laundromat owners can reinvest in their business operations to expand their services and customer base.

It has a positive effect on the environment.
Making a laundromat eco-friendly isn’t always easy since these facilities inherently use up a lot of energy. However, the most effective way for laundry facility owners to make a positive impact on the environment is to use energy-efficient equipment. These systems require less energy and water to produce the same results and are even designed to last longer than their less-energy-efficient counterparts. This laundry equipment reduces fossil fuel usage, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and conserves natural resources. All of these factors contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment while optimizing your laundry facility at the same time.

Customers care about sustainability.
Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration among consumers. In fact, 49% of people believe that retailers and businesses are responsible for implementing sustainable strategies to reduce their impact on the environment. Energy-efficient equipment is the easiest and most effective way for laundromats to reduce their carbon footprint while improving their image among consumers. When people know doing laundry at your facility will have a positive impact on the environment, they’ll be more likely to choose it over other laundromats. Give your current patrons what they want and attract new customers while putting your laundry business ahead of the competition.

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