Why Purchasing Used Commercial Laundry Equipment is a Bad Idea

old coin laundry washing and drying machines with orange wall background cm

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a laundromat. It’s an exciting and challenging process, but it’s definitely worth the time and financial investments. The biggest decision facing new laundry facility owners is whether to purchase used or new equipment. Washers and dryers are a considerable expense which makes buying used seem like the most cost-effective solution. However, one of the most prevalent misconceptions about owning a laundromat involves this key question. Here, we’re going to explore the downsides of buying used equipment and explain why newer is always better.

Clients will look elsewhere for their laundry needs.
One of the ongoing challenges of running a laundromat is outperforming the competition. Unless you’re in a remote location, there are more than likely other laundry facilities in your area competing for local business. When customers see outdated or damaged equipment at your laundromat, they’re probably not going to come back again, especially if they have alternative options. Customers prefer and expect laundry facilities to have advanced commercial equipment that operates perfectly. The financial loss you’ll suffer by missing out on repeat customers is greater than the amount you’d save by going with old equipment.

Second-hand equipment can ruin your facility’s image.
Used equipment can make it harder to attract people to your laundromat. As with any type of business, bringing in new clients has a lot to do with the image of your laundry facility. The cleaner, nicer, and more modern your laundromat, the greater the chances people will use it. Since commercial equipment is the central focus of a laundry facility, it plays a massive role in your business’s overall image. Used equipment that’s rusty, noisy, damaged, and downright ugly will cause patrons to associate negatively with your laundromat. On the other hand, brand-new and shiny equipment that runs whisper-quietly is going to reflect positively on your facility.

You’re buying somebody else’s headache.
The overwhelming majority of used laundry equipment being sold is dysfunctional for one reason or another. People don’t just get rid of washers and dryers for no reason. When you think you’re getting a steal on great equipment, you’re really just buying somebody else’s headache. Somebody made the decision that the machine wasn’t worth the cost of fixing it. Plus, the sheer size and weight of washers and dryers make them nearly impossible to test out before making a purchase, increasing the risk of buying used equipment. You can avoid all this risk by opting for new equipment that you know works perfectly.

Used equipment is expensive to maintain.
Making a profit is one of the fundamental goals of running a laundromat. Naturally, this leads business owners to consider ways to reduce their overall costs. Since equipment represents a major expense for laundry facilities, it’s reasonable to consider saving money with used washers and dryers. However, there’s a critical issue with this thought process. It’s not taking into consideration the expenses involved with running old equipment. Used washers and dryers are costlier to maintain and operate due to their increased need for repairs. Alternatively, new commercial equipment requires barely any upkeep because of its pristine condition.

You’ll miss out on the newest advancements in technology.
Commercial laundry equipment is always undergoing improvements. The washers and dryers sold on the market today are of higher quality than the models of the past. They’re more energy-efficient, they last longer, and they’re better at cleaning laundry. When you settle for used equipment, you’re missing out on years and years of technological advancement. The only way to secure the newest innovations is to invest in new equipment. You’d be surprised just how much time, money, and hassle these advancements can save your laundry business over the years.

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